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DS-6310 DMR Simulcast System is developed on the basis of the Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) standard and by following a set of principles such as Large-cell Coverage and Smooth Analog-to-Digital Migration, it will effectively solve the current shortage of analog products in order to fully meet the dispatch requirements of the professional subscribers from the public safety, utility and business sectors.

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Highlights of DS-6310

Higher Spectrum Efficiency

Simulcast technique reduces to a single pair of frequency needed (one for TX and one for RX) regardless the number of BSs in the network.

Smooth Roaming and Handover

In simulcast system, the radio is capable of roaming and handover seamlessly between different BSs , the ongoing communication can continue normally during handover.

Dynamic Voting

Simulcast system can provide good voice preformance in overlap area as radios in overlap area can awlways receive the best voice frame through dynamic voting.

Flexible Networking

The IP-based architecture enables flexible networking. Multiple transmission links can be used between BS and MSO, such as IP, E1, Microwave, wireless bridge, etc. The standard SIP and RTP are used to interconnect with other systems such as PSTN system, DMR trunking system.

Analog/Digital Selectable

Simulcast Base Station channels support working both in analog and digital mode, to ensure smooth migration from analog to digital network.

Long Time GPS Holdover

In case of GPS failure, the Base Station supports a holdover of 48 hours via the internal synchronization reference, ensure the simulcast service maintain normal.

Specifications of DS-6310

System Performance
Max. BS Capacity 512
Number of Carrier Frequency 512
Subnet Capacity 99
Certification CE/FCC/IC
BS Specificaition
Standard Compliance DMR
Frequency Range Wired BS/Wireless BS: VHF:136-174MHz UHF3:330-400MHz UHF1:400-470MHz
Carrier Capacity 512
Dimensions(H×W×D) mm Wired BS: Single-carrier BS (UHF): 355 ×425 ×482.6 Dual-carrier BS (UHF): 900 × 600 × 600 Single-carrier/Dual-carrier BS (VHF): 1,200 ×600 × 600 Wireless BS: 900 ×600 × 600
Weight Wired BS Single-carrier BS (UHF): ≤50 kg Dual-carrier BS (UHF)/Single-carrier BS (VHF)/Dual-carrier BS (VHF): ≤400 W Wireless BS:≤110 kg
Operating Temperature Normal: +15 °C to +35 °C Extreme: -30 °C to +60 °C
Storage Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Relative Humidity 20% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
RX Sensitivity(Static) Wired BS: Single-carrier BS (UHF): -116 dBm@BER5% Dual-carrier BS (UHF): -118 dBm@BER5% Single-carrier BS (VHF): -115.96 dBm@BER5% Dual-carrier BS (VHF): -120.9 dBm@BER5% Wireless BS: -118 dBm@BER5%
Adjust Power Range 5 to 50 W (CHU)
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