DIB-R5 Outdoor

DIB-R5 Outdoor

The DIB-R5 outdoor is designed for outdoor operation in harsh conditions thanks to IP65 rating. With compact structure and weighing only 10 kg, it can be flexibly mounted on the wall or pole to extend coverage. Offering up to two TETRA carriers, the DIB-R5 supports dual diversity for optimal reception and low power consumption.

Highlights of DIB-R5 Outdoor

Robust and Reliable
RF power (TOC): 20 W Operating temperature: -30°C to +60°C IP65 rated
Power Saving
Max. 75 W power consumption Passive cooling DC and solar power supply supported
Easy Maintenance
Metal housing and key locking Remote configuration and upgrade
Flexible Installation
The lightest one-box design Unique slider accessory
Small and Exquisite
The smallest and lightest outdoor station in the industry, is easy to carry and install
Advanced Protection
IP65 protection grade design, adapt to all kinds of harsh and complex environment

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