The Hytera PTTconnect solution delivers voice and data communication. It expands the scope of wireless coverage through the use of broadband gateway, exceeding physical limitations of the TETRA system. Both the existing ACCESSNET-T IP system and the broadband network provide you with new and almost unlimited possibilities to improve your productivity and efficiency.

Highlights of PTTconnect

Amity Interface
PTTconnect application interface is simple and easy to use. PTTconnect service is based on B/S (Browser/server) architecture, which is easy to operate.
Unlimited Wireless Coverage
By using the public UMTS / LTE network or WLAN, you can communicate with your colleagues easily even outside the wireless coverage of TETRA.
Short Time to Set up a Call
PTTconnect uses API interface to ensure fast call setup time and small voice delay.
Secure Communication
Every time users log in, they need to pass authentication. The user's communication supports AES advanced encryption standard to ensure the user's communication security to the maximum extent. Firewall software is recommended for PTTconnect server deployment to ensure the security of the whole system.
Instant and Direct Communication
When you contact TETRA wireless users, pttconnect establishes a direct link with TETRA system services. PTTconnect also supports the familiar TETRA wireless terminal services, such as individual call/group call/priority call/emergency call/SMS, etc.

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