Hytera-developed Toolkit Helps You Work Better


Equipped with a range of versatile and pre-installed Hytera-developed tools, the PNC460 empowers you to work efficiently and securely. These integrated tools include high beam, noise meter, gradienter, altimeter, plumb, and protractor, encompassing a comprehensive set suitable for various tasks.

The high beam feature of the PNC460 extends your visibility down the road, ensuring safety and enabling swift problem resolution. For instance, when performing nighttime railroad maintenance, the high beam can be utilized to overcome poor visibility and address issues promptly and handily.

On construction sites, the gradienter and altimeter functionalities allow you to measure the rate of inclination or height differences between two points on the ground, all within a single device. The PNC460 provides precise measurement tools, as even a small deviation can make a significant difference in such contexts.

By accessing the protractor app, you can align the center of the protractor with the vertex of an angle and obtain direct measurements of the angle of any real-world object.

The plumb feature is primarily used to assess the verticality of objects. For example, on a construction site, the PNC460's plumb tool can be employed to determine whether the external wall surface and the wall surface during the masonry process meet the required verticality standards. This ensures adherence to quality standards and specifications.

More information: https://www.hytera.com/en/product-new/lte-broadband/poc-radio/pnc460.html

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