PoC Radio

Making Professional Radio Communications Borderless

Hytera provides professional PoC radios. Since these radios support 4G/3G/2G/Wi-Fi networks, they meet customer requirements on trunking audio and visual dispatch services, which further guarantees customers' management and dispatch efficiency.

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Industrial-Grade Professional PoC Radio

Reliable with waterproof, dustproof, and anti-dropping capabilities.

Powerful Management and Dispatch Platform

The multi-functional dispatch station fully satisfies special requirements of corporate customers on routine dispatch and command activities. Level-based management of organization/company and group/user provides convenience for management and operation.

Customizable E2E Solution

Hytera provides customizable industry-specific E2E solutions and is capable of integrating with third-party products such as command center and IoT applications.

Abundant Accessories

Hytera supplies diverse accessories including vehicle support, shoulder microphone, pager kit, and Bluetooth audio accessories. These accessories greatly satisfy customer demands during travel, patrol, security at sporting events, hotel services, etc..

Professional Operation Services

With 17 years' experience in dedicated communication network, Hytera is able to navigate you through the sea of communications safe and sound. In addition, it has a professional support team for 7x24 services to achieve fast handling of businesses. Becoming an VIP of Hytera enables you to enjoy emergency standby equipment upgrade and training services.

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