Hytera V-LTE is a solution to the core requirements of the wireless broadband private network. Based on advanced 4G and 5G technologies, V-LTE, adopting the SDR platform architecture, focuses on the major requirements of uplink services in private network, with characteristics of high throughput, wide coverage, high reliability, convenient deployment, simple operation, and flexible networking. It provides flexible spectrum customization, hierarchical service quality assurance, and end-to-end security protection mechanism. It provides cost-effective wireless broadband solutions for public security, urban skynet, car networking, rural public security projects, video surveillance of scenic spots and forestry, and energy Internet.

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Flexible and Easy to Use

The system is capable of flexible networking and its network has self-healing capability. Support various topologies such as chain, star, and hybrid to cater for diverse scenarios. Full-IP system supports L2 and L3 interconnection.

Large Bandwidth

The system has a large capacity to meet requirements on high-speed transmission. The system provides a spectral efficiency up to 6 bps/Hz and a throughput up to 60 Mbps @ 10 MHz.

Multiple QoS Guarantees

The system supports classical 3GPP standard and customized QoS to effectively guarantee service quality.

All-round Security Control Mechanism

The system uses multiple AIE and authentication means to guarantee access and data transmission security.

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