Command & Dispatch based on integration of information and intelligence

The ever-expanding city scale and increasingly complex urban environment raise requirements on command and dispatch, which include more situation awareness, shorter response time, and more intelligent operation process. For over 25 years, Hytera has been dedicated to solving the public security and rail transportation industries’ pain-points with customers, and committed to the integration of business innovation and technical innovation. Based on our world-leading Private Mobile Radio (PMR) dispatch, Hytera’s end-to-end command & dispatch product and solution suits integrate the latest technologies such as public network communication, IP communication, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, to help customers master real-time operating status, make scientific decisions, and thus achieve rapid response and accurate dispatch. 


Products and Solutions

Public Safety Command & Control

Hytera provides sets of command and dispatch products and solutions for global public security agencies such as police, fire, emergency rescue, and urban management, to build a comprehensive security system with efficient and professional incident taking, handling and management, for the purpose of rapid response, smart dispatch and disciplined disposal. The products and solutions enable multiple public security agencies to coordinate with each other rapidly and seamlessly, improving the public security maintenance capability, promoting urban safety, and enhancing public satisfaction.

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Rail Transportation Dispatch

With first-class technical and delivery team, Hytera has long been dedicated to providing private mobile radio equipment as well as services for global urban rail transportation customers. Based on our long years of deployment experiences in metro, deep understanding of rail transportation operation and management mode, and mastering of core technology, we provide a full set of solution covering terminals and systems with customized dispatch features. Among it, Hytera’s proprietary TETRA system has built an industry-leading private mobile radio network dedicated for rail transportation with advantages of security, reliability and high efficiency, offering powerful support for the secured, high-density and efficient operation of urban rail transportation.  

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Unified Communication & Dispatch

Aimed to interwork with multi-mode and multi-network communication systems in public security and rail transportation industries, and to cater for the demands of unified communication of voice, video and data, Hytera launched self-developed industry-leading multimedia unified communication platform by leveraging our years of successful experiences in private mobile radio (PMR). With features like unified access, integrated switch, and diverse application service, it has the capability of interworking and unified dispatch across terminals and systems, to achieve interconnection in both horizontal and vertical direction, and management based on authority and region. With various network topologies to use in different scenarios, the platform offers powerful communication support for daily command and control, emergency command and control, and security protection for major events.  

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Hytera Advantages

25 years' dedication to target industries to grow up with customer

For over 25 years, Hytera has been dedicated to public security and rail transportation industries. With customers’ demands in the center, we have continuously optimized business process, and kept on investing in R&D investment and technical innovation for the purpose of increased customer value. Hytera has provided command and dispatch services for public security agencies and rail transportation lines of many cities, gaining trustworthiness of global customers by its superior products and services.

End-to-end product and solution suits to cater for various application scenarios

We have products and solutions covering the whole process of command & dispatch to apply in various scenarios and cater for the needs of various customers. In the public security area, we provide professional products for daily as well as emergent command and dispatch, including the integrated command and control center solution. In the rail transportation area, our products cover the scenarios of vehicle dispatch, maintenance dispatch, and environmental control (disaster prevention) dispatch. Different suits of products and solutions can better match the current business demands and future business expansion of customers. End-to-end products and solutions enable customers to have one-stop product selection and deployment, improving interconnection across business sectors.

Multimedia unified communication platform, breaking communication barrier of command and dispatch

Constrained by isolated communication and information systems, traditional command and dispatch systems were difficult to carry out intercommunication and cooperation across departments and regions. Hytera’s self-developed multimedia unified communication platform, as a pioneer in the industry, achieved interconnection and resource sharing of voice, video and other data across public and private networks, fixed and wireless networks, and narrow-band and broad-band networks. It helps customers to break communication barriers between different levels, platforms, and networks, and thus build an integrated command and dispatch platform to implement seamless dispatch of any terminal anytime and anywhere. 

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