Rail Transportation Dispatch

With first-class technical and delivery team, Hytera has long been dedicated to providing private mobile radio equipment as well as services for global urban rail transportation customers. Based on our long years of deployment experiences in metro, deep understanding of rail transportation operation and management mode, and mastering of core technology, we provide a full set of solution covering terminals and systems with customized dispatch features. Among it, Hytera’s proprietary TETRA system has built an industry-leading private mobile radio network dedicated for rail transportation with advantages of security, reliability and high efficiency, offering powerful support for the secured, high-density and efficient operation of urban rail transportation.  

About the Solution

Hytera wireless communication system dedicated for rail traffic is a set of automatic dispatch communication system developed based on the 800 MHz band TETRA Digital Trunking System and integrating train location information or train number information in the rail traffic signal system. The system mainly consists of the switching control center, base station, dispatching equipment, network management, and user terminal. It provides reliable voice and data exchange between the fixed user (control center, rolling stock depot or parking lot dispatcher, or station attendant) and mobile user (train driver, disaster prevention personnel, or maintenance personnel), ensuring driving safety, increasing transport efficiency and management level, and improving service quality. In addition, when the urban rail traffic or wireless communication malfunctions, it can also offer wireless communication support for the command required by disaster prevention and rescue and accident handling. The system contains traffic dispatch, environmental control (disaster prevention) dispatch, rolling stock dispatch, and maintenance dispatch.

Products and Systems

Smart Metro Dispatcher (SMD)

SMD is professional dispatcher software tailed to the needs of metro users. With plug-in design, it provides digital dispatch solution for remote dispatch and management. 

It allows you to initiate, answer, exit, and hang up a call in the system. In addition, it also supports multi-select call, train broadcast, dynamic group, common group, group patch and short message functions. 


Dispatch Server (DSS)

DSS exchanges data with dispatch station, network management, and signal system via the network protocol and provides permission management of the dispatch station, device fault reporting, real-time updates of train location, and other functions. 

Network Management System (NMS)

NMS is mainly responsible for monitoring the operation status of the trunking switch, base station, dispatch station, optical fiber repeater, and other devices in the system. When a device malfunctions, it allows you to learn real-time operation status of devices via audible and visual alarms to facilitate troubleshooting and improve service efficiency.

Digital Voice Recording System (DVRS)

Based on system-level IP network and B/S architecture, DVRS can collect all voice calls within the network. With large recording capacity and clear voice recording ability, it provides users with flexible and reliable recording services. On the web client, you can query, download, and playback recordings, view statistical analysis data, short messages, and registration information, check system operation, and learn client usage according to system logs.

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