Unified Communication & Dispatch

Aimed to interwork with multi-mode and multi-network communication systems in public security and rail transportation industries, and to cater for the demands of unified communication of voice, video and data, Hytera launched self-developed industry-leading multimedia unified communication platform by leveraging our years of successful experiences in private mobile radio (PMR). With features like unified access, integrated switch, and diverse application service, it has the capability of interworking and unified dispatch across terminals and systems, to achieve interconnection in both horizontal and vertical direction, and management based on authority and region. With various network topologies to use in different scenarios, the platform offers powerful communication support for daily command and control, emergency command and control, and security protection for major events.  

Product and Solution


The PUC supports interconnection and unified voice dispatch across multiple voice communication systems and terminals, including PMR systems such as digital trunked radio (DMR/TETRA), digital conventional, analog trunked radio, analog conventional, public network systems such as PSTN and PLMN, and VoIP systems. The PUC also features visualized dispatch based on the map and real-time poll of radios’ GPS data. With the cascading installation in different regions, the PUC enables flat and multi-level dispatch.


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Integrated Multimedia Communication & Dispatch Platform (MUC)

The integrated multimedia communication & dispatch platform (MUC) is based on all IP architecture, which connects various PMR networks, public networks, and IP networks together, providing intercommunication of voice, video and data across them, as well as unified dispatch service.


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Multimedia Recording and Playback System (MRPS)

The Multimedia Recording and Playback System (MRPS) collects all those media or radio related data such as voice, video, message, and radios’ online and offline information, etc. going through the PUC and the MUC via IP network, and stores them in the database and media library. The system is based on browser/server architecture, enabling client users to perform record query, media playback, and media file downloading through IE. 

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Digital Voice Recording System (DVRS)

The IP network-based DVRS is designed to collect and store data such as voice call, short messages, radios’ registration information, and system logs of the entire network or one base station. Adopting the browser/server architecture, the DVRS allows dispatchers to query, play back, download, export, and analyze data anytime and anywhere. It only supports digital trunked radio of DMR and TETRA systems from Hytera. 

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Smart Dispatch

The all-IP based Smart Dispatch connects to standard digital conventional radio stations and repeaters from vendors such as Hytera by its gateways for voice and message dispatch, work order management, and inter-regional communication. It also provides the functions of visualized dispatch and guard tour patrol with the integration of GIS map and GPS data poll.

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