Large-sized Communication Command Vehicle

Large-sized Communication Command Vehicle

The mobile large-sized communication command center is equipped with complete communication links and a sound visualized dispatch and conference system. The vehicle provides basic technical support and life support facilities, and reliable power supply for a long time. It is applicable to the service assurance for large-scale events.



Communication System (Optional)

Conference System
·Meeting space for accommodating 11 to 23 people
·Equipped with printers, IP phones, laptops, and other office facilities
·Equipped with air conditioners and an environmental monitoring system to ensure the comfort of people in the vehicle.

Broadband Trunking System
·Optional 1.4 GHz/1.8 GHz/other frequencies (customizable)
·Adjustable bandwidth: 20 MHz/15 MHz/10 MHz/5 MHz
·Tx power: 2 x 40 W
·Maximum number of online broadband terminals: 600

Narrowband Trunking System
·Frequency range: 130 MHz to 800 MHz
·Channel capacity: 1024
·Channel spacing: 12.5 KHz/20 KHz/25 KHz
·Output power: 4 W (high), 1 W (low)
·Degree of dust- and water-proof: IP67
·Coverage radius: 5 km (handset); 15 km (vehicle radio); 30 km (base station)

Command and Dispatch
·Multi-screen display to support the switching of real-time videos in different units at different locations
·Integration of multiple networks (including private network, satellite, 4G, and government network), cooperating with video command and dispatch system, achieving comprehensive command and dispatch of multiple aspects, including field personnel, field videos, and videos in the command center.

Broadband ad hoc Network
·Operating frequency band (customizable)
·Radio frequency channel: 2T2R
·Tx power: 2 x 5 W
·Sensitivity ≤ -105 dBm@10 MHz
·Operating bandwidth: 10 MHz (typical), customizable
·Number of nodes: 32
·Spectrum efficiency: 6 bps/Hz, 60 Mbps (maximum)
·Encryption algorithms: AES and Snow 3G; third-party algorithm customization supported
·Power supply: DC +24 V
·Operating temperature: -40℃ to +65℃
·Degree of protection: IP67

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
·Hover precision: ≤ ±1.5 m (horizontal); ≤ ±0.3 m (vertical)
·Maximum wind resistance scale: 6
·Video transmission distance: 10 km to 25 km
·Maximum standby time: 38 minutes

·Frequency range: 130 MHz to 800 MHz
·Ku or Ka frequency band
·Equivalent diameter of communication-in-motion antenna: 0.6 m to 0.9 m
·Diameter of communication-in-immobility antenna: 1.0 m to 1.2m
·Transmission rate: 2 Mbps to 8 Mbps
·HD 1080P image transmission supported

Public Network 4G System
·10/100 Mbps Ethernet interfaces, WAN/LAN supported
·Drawer-type card
·Optional Wi-Fi module
·Static IP address, DHCP, and PPPoE supported
·GRE, L2TP, IPSec, DMVPN, OpenVPN, and CA supported

Narrowband ad hoc Network
·Frequency range: 350 MHz to 400 MHz
·Channel spacing: 12.5 KHz
·Operating bandwidth: 25 KHz
·Maximum number of nodes: 32
·Battery life: 10 hr
·Degree of dust- and water-proof: IP67
·Tx power: 5/10/20 W, adjustable

Technical Support
·Independent operation area for 2-4 technical support personnel
·A cabinet and operation console deployed in the technical support area for accommodating main equipment to provide technical protection
·Monitoring device operation
·Technical support personnel can switch to proper communication links as well as audio and video signals based on task requirements and the communication environment, and process data.
·Real-time interaction between technical support personnel and commanders to ensure task implementation

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