PMR-IoT and Emergency Response

Integrated Emergency Management System Combining Ordinary and Emergent Use From Daily IoT Perception to Emergency Communications Command

PMR Internet of Things (IoT) is designed for key narrowband data services. Focusing on transmission communications and relying on private networks such as PDT, DMR, TETRA, and LTE, it can compatible with various public networks to build an IoT transmission pipe with high reliability, high security, and low delay and construct an IoT big data and smart application system based on perception data.

Emergency response communications system provides a set of solutions, including broadband and narrowband ad hoc network equipment, portable command center equipment, and dispatch software, suitable for emergency command and dispatch requirements of major events in network bind areas, remote areas, and network interruption scenarios.

PMR-IoT provides versatile functions including perception data collection, storage, prediction, warning, alarms, plan output, and etc. According to the plan and combined with onsite data, it can build up a fast and efficient command and dispatch system and create an integrated emergency management system with unified command, rapid response, united standby and expertise resources, up and down linkage, and combined ordinary and emergent use.



Hytera Advantages

Safety: The system is more effective in protecting data and resources and meeting industrial users’ requirements.
Reliability: The private network and IoT run properly even in case of terrorist attacks.
Real time: Critical alarm service data are guaranteed in real time.
Flexible deployment: Faster and more flexible ad-hoc networking is ensured for blind spots and remote areas.
Adaptibility to both peace and war environments.
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Hytera’s PMR-IoT focuses on guaranteeing the application of mission-critical services. Centered on transmission paths, the solution, compatible with multiple public networks, utilizes wireless communication algorithms and protocols to create highly reliable, safe, and less-delay channels based on the private networks PDT, DMR, TETRA, and LTE.


The converged emergency solution consists of the big data supervision system and the command and scheduling system. Using advanced technologies, the big data supervision system gives an all-around assistance in data-based intelligent management of emergencies. With the plans inputted, the command and scheduling system works with Hytera's core converged emergency communications, command and scheduling system to form a dynamic intelligent battle map for decision-making, command and scheduling.

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