Integrated Big Data Platform

It enables you to perform centralized monitor on dangers, risks, alarms, and security data through a diagram, and implement predictive analysis on safety risks by using the artificial intelligence (AI) technology combined with information such as environmental data, risk occurrence regularity and frequency, so as to master city safety status in real time.

City safety grade rating
Alarm event diagram monitoring
Comparative analysis of safety situation
Predictive warning of potential risky events
Real-time broadcasting of major safety incidents

Integrated IoT Monitoring Platform

It allows you to monitor Internet of Things (IoT) perception data in real time and implement all-round digital analysis on key enterprises, key areas, and key monitoring objects. It can visually display real-time situation such as safety alarms, resources, and equipment status, providing reference data for daily management and rescue practice.

Refined monitoring data
Real-time alarm monitoring
Dynamic resource linkage

Emergency Command System

Combined with multi-source perception data including IoT data and on-site collection data, it can form on-site rescue environment, facility status, personnel and device positioning information, and other refined data. By using AI technology, it analyzes and determines the onsite emergency situation, formulates a reasonable rescue plan, and combines with real-time situation of surrounding environment, facilities, and materials to implement smart allocation.

Refined operational data
Integrated handling process
Graphical operation data
Smart analysis and prediction

Indoor Positioning Platform

It can display the location of a personnel or a device in real time and integrate IoT information resources, such as the command and dispatch system, camera video monitoring system, fire system, and access control system, to improve prevention, alarm handling, rapid response abilities, as well as management efficiency of the manager.

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