• Four Concepts of Hytera's Emergency Communications Solutions
    Strong technological support is critical while people strive to improve the disaster prevention, reduction and relief capacity an...
  • Hytera Delivers High Definition Recording with VM682 Body-Worn Camera
    MIRAMAR, Fla. and IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Hytera, a leading global provider of innovative Land Mobile Radio ...
  • Hytera VM780 Body-Worn Camera
    The Hytera VM780 is an all-in-one device designed to support emergency services out in the field. With a built-in body-worn camer...
  • What can Hytera do for you to better control the scene of a mega event
    2020 is a big year for sports. Important sports events such as the Olympic Games, European Football Championship and World Cup Qu...
  • 10 Features You Must Know About Hytera LTE Body Worn Camera VM780
    Click here to learn more about Hytera Body Worn Camera.
  • Hytera Emergency Communication Solution for Earthquake Rescue
    Destructive earthquakes often inflict serious number of casualties, causing many people to lose their homes and even their lives....
  • Wider View, More Facts - Hytera LTE Body Worn Camera VM780
    With the ever-increasing needs for enforcement transparency, the body worn cameras have been widely used by law enforcement agenc...
  • Find out how Hytera help firefighters protect the city
    One of mankind's most significant discoveries, fire has promoted human evolution and brought us light and warmth. However, an unc...
  • Hello, Hytera PoC Radio PNC380 is coming
    An infographic shows you why PNC380 is your best workmate. Click here to learn more about Hytera PNC380.
  • What is Wireless Ad-Hoc Network?
    It has been 3 months since June, a freshman majoring in communication technology, entered the university. June came across with h...
  • Hytera Intelligent Communication Platform Improves and Enhances Higher Efficiency and Safe Production in Oil and Gas Industry 3
    The previous two issues explained how Hytera integrated wireless communication solution facilitates the exploration and drilling,...
  • What can Hytera do for you when disaster occurs
    Terrorist attacks, mass incidents, crisis events, natural disasters such as typhoon, earthquake, floods, snowstorms, landslides a...
  • Hytera Integrated Wireless Communication Solution for the Petrochemical Industry 2
    In the previous issue, we explained how Hytera wireless solution facilitates the exploration, drilling and oil and gas recovery i...
  • Highly Efficient and Safe Communication Solution for Oil & Gas Industry
    The Oil and Gas industry faces many challenges in its operations. Digital technology tools now are often used in oil and gas indu...
  • Introducing International Explosion-proof Certifications
    In industries like oil and petroleum, chemicals, coal mining, pharmaceutical and food processing, operations involving production...
  • Understanding Explosion-proof Basics
    What is an explosive environment? An explosive environment refers to an area where flammable gases or combustible dusts exist in ...
  • Hytera Explosion-Proof Radio - Solid Guarantee for Work Safety
    Flammable gases and combustible dusts are often present in the energy industry, such as in oil and natural gas, as well as in min...
  • Hytera eMBMS-based MCS Broadband Trunking Solution
    1. Introduction The trunking technology, due to its efficiency in group communications, has been widely adopted in private wirele...
  • How Can Hytera PoC Radios Benefit Taxi Drivers?
    Taxi drivers to serve their customers better have to maintain good communication with their customers, dispatchers and other driv...
  • Hytera PoC Radios for Major Events
    An event running smoothly require the joint efforts of many people. Hytera PoC radios can ensure the event staff a reliable commu...

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