Integrated Multimedia Communication&Dispatch platform(MUC)

Integrated Multimedia Communication & Dispatch Platform (MUC)

The integrated multimedia communication & dispatch platform (MUC) is based on all IP architecture, which connects various PMR networks, public networks, and IP networks together, providing intercommunication of voice, video and data across them, as well as unified dispatch service.


1Video dispatch
- Video call, pulling, pushing, and transferring for broadband terminals
- Video group call

2Video surveillance viewing
- Interworking with IP video surveillance platforms and IP cameras
- Real-time playing of cameras’ videos directly or/and via the surveillance platform, supporting PTZ control for PTZ-able cameras

3Multimedia message
- Images, video clips, and other attachments

4Multimedia conference
- Participants include broadband radios, dispatchers, and surveillance cameras.

5Map-based dispatch
- Video call of broadband radios, and video playing of IP cameras directly on the map


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