Multimedia Recording and playback System (MRPS)

Multimedia Recording and Playback System (MRPS)

The Multimedia Recording and Playback System (MRPS) collects all those media or radio related data such as voice, video, message, and radios’ online and offline information, etc. going through the PUC and the MUC via IP network, and stores them in the database and media library. The system is based on browser/server architecture, enabling client users to perform record query, media playback, and media file downloading through IE. 


1Collection and storage of various types of data
- Voice
- Video
- Short message
- Multimedia message
- Radios’ online or offline information
- Call meta data, e.g. call time, call type

2Unified interface for query, playback, and downloading
- The browser/server architecture allows you to perform operations on web browser directly without the need of installing additional client software.
- All records are displayed in a unified interface.
- Query by call metadata
- Viewing messages and playing back recordings directly on query results interface

3Automatic voice records transcoding
- Automatic transcoding of voice records before online playback and before downloading


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