Digital Voice Recording System(DVRS)

Digital Voice Recording System (DVRS)

The IP network-based DVRS is designed to collect and store data such as voice call, short messages, radios’ registration information, and system logs of the entire network or one base station. Adopting the browser/server architecture, the DVRS allows dispatchers to query, play back, download, export, and analyze data anytime and anywhere. It only supports digital trunked radio of DMR and TETRA systems from Hytera.


1Recording tag
- Tagging recordings for quick search

2Statistics & Analysis
- The number of different types of calls, e.g. individual calls, group calls, phone individual or group calls, and all calls, and their respective ratios to all calls during a period (in days) are calculated and displayed in line or doughnut charts.
- A statistics report sorted by type or system can be exported to a *.csv file.

3Configurable status message
- The content of status messages corresponding to certain digital numbers can be configured. For example, “2” means command received.


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