Smart Dispatch

Smart Dispatch

The all-IP based Smart Dispatch connects to standard digital conventional radio stations and repeaters from vendors such as Hytera by its gateways for voice and message dispatch, work order management, and inter-regional communication. It also provides the functions of visualized dispatch and guard tour patrol with the integration of GIS map and GPS data poll.


1Inter-regional communication
Handheld radios in different regions can communicate with each other by adding their respective fixed radio stations or repeaters connected in the same group by Smart Dispatch.

2Guard tour patrol
Dispatchers can implement unified management of patrollers, patrol points, and patrol routes, perform query of patrol logging records and patrol results, and monitor the status of patrol plans.

3Work order
Dispatchers can create work orders, assign work orders to subscribers, and query the status of work orders.

4Multi-level dispatch
Multiple Smart Dispatch servers installed in different regions and departments, including different levels of an organization, can access the same gateway, and thus implement dispatch of radios connected to it.

5Lone Worker
It is usually used for security supervision for an individual working outside alone with a handheld radio. When the mode is enabled, the client would display an alarm if the radio hasn’t initiated a call or sent a message in the interval configured, so that the dispatcher can be notified as soon as possible and offer aid.

Dispatchers can remotely check the status of external devices connected to online radios in the system, and possibly control them, such as a gate.


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