Solution in Public Security

Solution in Public Security

Analysis of Public Security Service Requirements

1 Daily Duty
· Daily patrol, inspection, law enforcement and services
· Constructing a new type of command system integrating command in actual combat, duty management, alarm determining, and emergency plan
· Realizing interconnection and in-depth integration with 110, PGIS, duty management, and police comprehensive information system
· Improving the efficiency of alarm receiving and handling and police resource management
· Strengthening the coordination and cooperation between different categories of police forces and achieving flat management

2 Rescue Application
· Meeting the requirements for wireless communication when special policemen, SWAT, and other police forces rushing to rescue in case of natural disasters and accidents
· Establishing a regular emergency communication network on the site at the first time
· Interconnecting with the communication networks of the Ministry of Public Security, the provincial public security department and the municipal public security bureau

3 Practical Application
· Meeting the requirements for communication command and dispatch for counter-terrorism, emergency handling, and rescue and relief work
· Establishing an emergency communication command platform
· Realizing functions such as personal soldier positioning and intelligent management of combat units

Delivery of Hytera Integration Project

Project Management

Hytera project management is the professional management service provided to customers for Hytera system integration delivery projects during the whole process or in the phases of survey design, network planning, factory acceptance, supply logistics, project implementation, system debugging, network optimization, delivery acceptance, and after-sales O&M.

Delivery Management Process


1 Site Survey
Confirm the installation environment of the pre-selected site, provide the basis for network planning and site selection, and improve the ease of installation of system equipment.

2 Coverage Test
Predict the coverage effect of the entire network, provide accurate data for network planning, and ensure proper construction of the entire network and maximum coverage.

3 Frequency Test
By testing the site electromagnetic and the interference of pre-allocated frequencies, master accurate frequency data, and effectively and properly allocate frequency resources to avoid interference to the system operation and electromagnetic impact between the systems.

4 Engineering Design
Based on characteristics of the sites, output construction drawings and engineering materials list to improve the system installation, achieve unified layout, unified standards, unified process, and unified quality, ensure proper operation of the system, and enhance the maintainability.

Hardware Installation

1 Site Survey
· Central control site installation
· Fixed base station installation
· Mobile site installation

2 Debugging
· Link debugging
· Software debugging

3 Data Configuration
· Central control configuration
· Base station configuration
· Terminal configuration
· Network management dispatching configuration

4 Function Test
· Basic function test
· Network interconnection test
· Traffic pressure test
· Boundary test
· Roaming test
· Cross-cell handover test, etc.

Network Optimization/Delivery Acceptance

Obtain optimized performance by using hardware or software technologies, such as parameter setting.

1 Network Optimization and Function Demonstration
Relevant personnel of the project attend the function demonstration and confirm the demonstration results.

2 Training, Preliminary Acceptance, and Trial Run
The training is provided by Hytera professional training instructors mainly on the system, maintenance, and terminal.
The preliminary acceptance of the project preliminarily inspects all the work of the system within the scope of the project. If the preliminary acceptance is passed, the project enters the trial run period.

3 Data Transfer
Prepare project completion data and submit it to the customer.

4 Final Acceptance
The final acceptance inspects the system after the trial run period, and confirms the acceptance result.

Hytera After-Sale Service

Hytera O&M service mainly consists of the following six parts, which are combined together to form solutions based on customers' requirements. It has been used in the operation of wireless systems at all levels of public security departments.

1 Call Center
· Remote technical support
· Service hotline/consultation

2 On-site Troubleshooting
· In-time fault recovery
· Comprehensive solution

3 On-site Support
· Security
· Preventive maintenance
· Upgrade

4 Spare Parts Service
· Effective delivery of spare parts
· Proper inventory of spare parts

5 Repair Service
· High coverage of maintenance stations
· Rapid response and good services

6 Training
· Product skills training
· Solution skills certification

Successful Cases in the Public Security Industry

1 Largest PDT Commercial System in China
In September 2012, Hytera signed the commercial contract for the Police Digital Trunking (PDT) system in eight districts and prefecture-level cities in the north of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The project construction involved 8 municipal administrative units, including 2 prefecture-level cities, 3 districts, and 3 autonomous prefectures, 41 county (municipal) administrative units, and 377 township streets in total. The project constructed 288 base stations.
In July 2014, the whole city of Urumqi started the Hytera-constructed PDT system, and the number of accessed terminals exceeded 50,000. The Hytera PDT system provides safe and confidential wireless communication services for all levels of public security departments in Xinjiang, and meets the communication command and dispatching requirements of police activities such as daily services, anti-terrorism, emergency handling, police protection, and rescue and relief.

2 Security Communication Guarantee for Nanjing Public Security during the Youth Olympic Games
In June 2014, the Hytera-constructed Nanjing public security PDT project provided communication guarantee for the security protection of the second Youth Olympic Games. The project constructed 12 fixed outdoor stations, 2 fixed indoor stations, 1 mobile outdoor station, and two sets of one-to-four repeater devices for the communication requirements within competition venues. More than 4,600 terminals were given out in total.
In various security protection tasks of the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, including the maneuver, rehearsal, opening ceremony, event process, and closing ceremony, the PDT system worked with zero faults, and the wireless command and dispatching instructions were unblocked. The system and terminals withstood the rigorous test. This was the first application of the PDT system in the security protection of large-scale international sports events, which indicated that the PDT was increasingly improved, and that the quality of Hytera PDT products can withstand the test of large-scale activities.

3 The First PDT Commercial System in China
Before the 2011 Shenzhen Universiade, Shenzhen frontier inspection built 8 PDT base stations.
The Shenzhen frontier inspection communication system contains 8 sets of PDT digital base stations and 1 exchange control center. The system covers 8 frontier inspection ports including Shenzhen Airport, Dachan Bay, Shekou Port, Shenzhen Bay, Huanggang Port, Yantian Port, Shatoujiao Port, and Frontier Inspection Station. The system supports daily 500,000 persons go through customs, and daily call times over 50,000.


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