Solution in Rail Transportation

Solution in Rail Transportation

Analysis of Rail Transport Service Requirements

1 Secure and Reliable System
• Fallback at multiple levels
• Hardware redundancy and backup
• Strong fault tolerance capability of the software

2 Seamless Signal Coverage
Adopt different signal coverage schemes for different scenarios to ensure seamless signal coverage:
• Tunnel area coverage
• Platform field strength coverage
• Coverage of station halls, entrance and exit passages, and metro entrances on the ground

3 Ease of Operation and Maintenance
• Use the module replacement method and support hot swap
• Use the fault isolation design and support online repair

4 Multi-function Application
• On-site device monitoring

Delivery of Hytera Integration Project

Project Management

Hytera project management is the professional management service provided to customers for Hytera system integration delivery projects during the whole process or in the phases of survey design, network planning, factory acceptance, supply logistics, project implementation, system debugging, network optimization, delivery acceptance, and after-sales O&M.

Delivery Management Process


1 Site Survey
Confirm the installation environment of the pre-selected site, provide the basis for network planning and site selection, and improve the ease of installation of system equipment.

2 Coverage Test
Predict the coverage effect of the entire network, provide accurate data for network planning, and ensure proper construction of the entire network and maximum coverage.

3 Frequency Test
By testing the site electromagnetic and the interference of pre-allocated frequencies, master accurate frequency data, and effectively and properly allocate frequency resources to avoid interference to the system operation and electromagnetic impact between the systems.

4 Engineering Design
Based on characteristics of the sites, output construction drawings and engineering materials list to improve the system installation, achieve unified layout, unified standards, unified process, and unified quality, ensure proper operation of the system, and enhance the maintainability.

Hardware Installation

1 Site Survey
· Central control site installation
· Fixed base station installation
· Mobile site installation

2 Debugging
· Link debugging
· Software debugging

3 Data Configuration
· Central control configuration
· Base station configuration
· Terminal configuration
· Network management dispatching configuration

4 Function Test
· Basic function test
· Network interconnection test
· Traffic pressure test
· Boundary test
· Roaming test
· Cross-cell handover test, etc.

Network Optimization/Delivery Acceptance

Obtain optimized performance by using hardware or software technologies, such as parameter setting.

1 Network Optimization and Function Demonstration
Relevant personnel of the project attend the function demonstration and confirm the demonstration results.

2 Training, Preliminary Acceptance, and Trial Run
The training is provided by Hytera professional training instructors mainly on the system, maintenance, and terminal.
The preliminary acceptance of the project preliminarily inspects all the work of the system within the scope of the project. If the preliminary acceptance is passed, the project enters the trial run period.

3 Data Transfer
Prepare project completion data and submit it to the customer.

4 Final Acceptance
The final acceptance inspects the system after the trial run period, and confirms the acceptance result.

Hytera After-Sale Service

Hytera O&M service mainly consists of the following six parts, which are combined together to form solutions based on customers' requirements. It has been used in the operation of wireless systems at all levels of public security departments.

1 Call Center
· Remote technical support
· Service hotline/consultation

2 On-site Troubleshooting
· In-time fault recovery
· Comprehensive solution

3 On-site Support
· Security
· Preventive maintenance
· Upgrade

4 Spare Parts Service
· Effective delivery of spare parts
· Proper inventory of spare parts

5 Repair Service
· High coverage of maintenance stations
· Rapid response and good services

6 Training
· Product skills training
· Solution skills certification

Sucessful Cases in the Rail Transportation Industry

Serving China
16 cities and 30 metro lines (total in the Tetra/PDT system)

1 Shenzhen Metro Phase II——Five Lines Opened at the Same Time
Project Overview:
• 30 stations implemented by stages
• Covering private, civilian, and public security wireless systems in the contract  
Project Features:
• Guarantee project for 2011 Universiade
• Unified management and collaboration of multiple systems
• Multi-level reserved dispatching including the main control

2 Typical Case of an Entire-Network Solution——Hong Kong Metro
Project Overview:
• Unified reconstruction of 7 lines of 168 km in total
• Covering the dispatching system, network management system, and train-to-ground communication system in the contract
Project Features:
• Guarantee project of Hong Kong transportation
• Unified management and collaboration of multiple lines
• Large difficulty——network-wide redundancy backup


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