Assurance of safety for your reopening: Hytera unveils pandemic prevention solution for smaller organizations

Jun 04, 2020 By: Hytera Global twitter facebook linkedin whatsapp

Assurance of safety for your reopening: Hytera unveils pandemic prevention solution for smaller organizations

Hytera has launched a simple, but highly effective pandemic prevention solution for small- to medium-sized organizations such as schools, enterprises, retail stores, and shopping malls. Hytera body temperature measurement solution provides a non-contact way of detecting people's temperature for reducing the risks of being infected, and helps to create a more secure and safe environment from the moment when people come into work.

With countries gradually coming out of lockdown, it is vitally important to detect whether any employee or visitor has an abnormal temperature when they go back to work, to school, or to visit shops. It is critical this is done effectively and efficiently to help organizations quickly process people as they enter a building. Employees overseeing the temperature measurements must also be protected.

Manual temperature screenings using thermometers and infrared detection guns are slow, inefficient and unsafe as they increase the risk of cross-infection. Manual recording of personal information on who is entering a building is time consuming and inefficient.

Hytera Pandemic Prevention Solution for Enterprises

Hytera body temperature measurement solution provides smaller organizations with a facial recognition and remote temperature checking solution that is easy to set up and operate. It ensures safe operations both during the pandemic and in the subsequent recovery period after lockdowns are relaxed.

The Hytera body temperature measurement device can be quickly mounted on a tripod and set up at the entrance, reception areas, offices or anywhere that is suitable in the building. Facial recognition technology checks the person who is against a database. At the same time, the detection device remotely, automatically and accurately measures the person’s temperature, including those wearing masks.

If the temperature is abnormal, the device immediately sends an alarm notification to Hytera handheld terminals such as the PoC radio PNC550 or multi-mode advanced radio PTC760. Security personnel standby can then re-check the person’s temperature and take appropriate action to isolate them and arrange treatment with the instant and reliable communications provided by Hytera radios.

The face, temperature and entry time records are logged onto a database using backend management software. These records can be used to test and trace people who have been in contact with someone running an abnormal temperature. This ensures a much faster response when seeking to contain the spread of any new COVID-19 outbreak.


The Hytera body temperature measurement solution provides small and medium-sized organizations with a simple, safe and effective method to screen relatively large numbers of people entering a building besides immediate and reliable communications. Hytera is assuring the efficiency and safety of those organizations aiming to return to work after lockdown.