Why is Command and Control Room Smarter than Before Ever?

Apr 04, 2023 By: Hytera Global twitter facebook linkedin whatsapp

While reading the headline, you probably are thinking of a commander standing in front of a big screen in a movie, a map updated in real-time, people talking phone calls, and all kinds of information rushing in every now and then? Yes. We’re talking about the Smart Command and Control Room, which is commonly seen in government, police, fire emergency, and other public safety departments. They are also used in rail transport, petrochemical, and other general utility industries, providing management and dispatch across organizations.

 Why is Command and Control Room Smarter than Before Ever?

This blog is to help you better understand Smart Command and Control Room.

What is a Smart Command and Control Room?

The command and control room is a collaborative workspace, where real-time monitoring can be carried out, and management events can be quickly responded to, providing reference information for key decision-makers to make organizational decisions.

The Smart Command and Control Room is one of the Integrated Command and Control Rooms. With the development of information technologies, such as the cloud, big data, AI, and smart applications of them, it is getting smarter and smarter as well. It can connect the communication terminal and the system, collect necessary relevant information, share information, and help decision-making in the command and control room. The public security department usually uses it in daily command and dispatch and early warning of emergencies.

Why is it Smarter?

1. Convergent

The Smart Command and Control Room is convergent and interconnected with Tetra, DMR, LTE, Analog Radio, public network, etc., and provides seamless command and control and communication across different agencies through voice, video, and data.

2. Fast

Body cameras and checkpoint devices record real-time conditions, which are transmitted back to the Smart Command and Control Room to increase situational awareness and help shorten the response time. The system also helps to allocate on-site human resources, such as front-line staff, refer to their background profile to ensure that they are eligible and quickly dealing with different scenarios.

3. Open

The Smart Command and Control Room is open, and can be integrated into third parties, such as CCTV, intelligent traffic, city dashboard and social media, which makes it have more intelligent functions, multi-scenario screen retrieval, and information access.

4. Visualised

Many systems are connected in the Smart Command and Control Room, including the Visual Command System, which provides visual representation of statistical data, charts, etc., to decision-makers. For example, the Smart Command and Control Room displays incident locations, police distribution, CCTV cameras, and other resources in real-time on a single GIS map.

5. Customizable

The needs of each organization are different, and the Smart Command and Control Room are also different. Therefore, the Smart Command and Control Room usually customizes the software of the command and control room according to the requirements of customers, which makes it have high customization characteristics.

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