iMesh-3800V Vehicle/Pole-mounted

iMesh-3800V is the "Micro-Node" of 3800 series, and can be deployed on the infrastructure, vehicle and UAV by either fixed or mobile way. It can work standalone or cooperate with other network for variant scenarios. Features: High capacity with MIMO (60Mbps @ 10MHz)
Large coverage (LOS:50KM, N-LOS:>4KM)
High Sensitivity: -105dBm @ 10MHz
Flexible networking: chain, star or random

Flexible and Scalable Network

SON: Self-configuration, self-optimization & self-healing

Variant Topologies: Chain, Star & Random

Inter-networking: IP connection across multiple subnetworks

Security Network

Air-Interface Encryption: Snow3G, AES etc

Authentication: USIM, AKA

WiFi Authentication: EAP-SIM EAP-Radius IKEv1/2

High Network Capacity

High Spectrum Efficiency: 6bps/Hz (MIMO)

High Throughput: Up to 60Mbps @10MHz

Reliable Radio Link

FEC: Turbo Code

Adaptive modulation and coding

Hybrid ARQ

Open/Close-loop power control

QoS Guaranteed Network

End-to-End QoS mechanism for multi-hop network

Dedicated Radio Bearer for each service flow with specific QCI

QoS-based radio resource scheduling algorithm



Frequency Band320-340 MHz, others customizable
Antenna Configuration2T2R
Transmission Power2*5W
Working Bandwidth≤ 10M, others customizable
WLAN802.11 a/b/g/n, 2.4GHz/5GHz
Number of Nodes24

Number of Hops




LOS30KM (4Mbps edge rate)
Encryption AlgorithmAES, Snow 3G
Weight< 7Kg
VoltageDC +24V
Power Consumption45W(Typ.), 80W (Max.)
Operating Temperature-40℃ ~ +55℃
Operating Humidity5%RH~100%RH
Protection LevelIP67

Standard Accessories

Optional Accessories

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