Digital Evidence Management Platform


With functions enhanced based on the open-sourced FTP file storage and cloud storage of Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), DEM provides a unified platform for collecting, storing, querying, and analyzing massive data of the body worn camera, thereby helping users to quickly build a massive-data management system. Based on the analysis of the massive data, DEM helps users understand the trend and distribution of the data volume of the body worn camera.


1. Capable of processing massive data

2. Cost-effective, operating on any server

3. Secure and reliable with various redundancy backup and user authorization mechanisms

4. High processing efficiency in the modular design, different modules processing different business

5. Compatible radios: X1p, X1e, PD980, PD660, PD780, Z1p, PTC760, and PDC760


Number of connected stations100

Can be used with VM680 and DSJ-H6.

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