Data Acquisition Station


The station collects data of the body worn camera and manages the collected data. It can simultaneously collect data of multiple body worn cameras. The collected data can be manually or automatically uploaded to the digital evidence management (DEM) platform.


1. Operating on touchscreen

2. Industrial-grade main board and touchscreen

3. Built-in solid-state drive (data is separated from the operating system), ensuring rapid speed, stability, and reliability

4. Professional plug-in design with corresponding application software, bringing excellent user experience

5. Compatible radios: X1p, X1e, PD980, PD660, PD780, Z1p, PTC760, and PDC760

Screen19-inch 1280x1024 industrial touchscreen
Memory8GB DDR4
Hard disk128 GB SSD; 4 TB mechanical drive



Windows 7 Ultimate

Collection and 

charging ports

20*USB 2.0 ports (including a priority collection port), with each port charged with not less than 500 mA current, and with the data reading speed of each port being not less than 30 MB/s
USB port2, separately connected to the mouse and keyboard
Network port1 Gigabit Ethernet port
Card slot design20*docking compartments



Industrial-grade fingerprint recognition module


Can be used with VM680 and DSJ-H6.

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