TETRA Professional Digital Radio


TETRA Professional Digital Radio

PT310 always stands up to the harshest environments like factories, ports or open mining. It delivers ultra-clear voice no matter what noisy environments they are in. With easy operation, PT310 provides users less distraction during voice communication.


*  Wide Band Compatibility

      - Utilising wide bands in this way reduces cost in terms of stocking different frequency bands ensuring you can always support your customers regardless of what license they are granted

*  Ultra-clear Audio Quality

      - With water-porting technology, any water that gets into the speaker cavity is drained out easily, ensuring audio clarity is maintained

      - Coupled with this is a patented microphone aperture design, which prevents any wind noise interfering with transmissions.

*  Reliability

      - Considering harsh outdoor or industrial environment, the PT310’s rugged design and exceptional battery life makes it the right radio to deal with the challenges of these severe environment

      - With IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68 and MIL-STD 810 E-G, PT310 is perfectly suited to any severe environment

*  Easy Carry

      - PT310 is equipped with a U type slot for belt clip. It's easy to compatible with all kinds of belt without loose for drop and lose risk. Or rotatable ability makes pocket clip or shoulder clip possible

      - PT310 comes with the ability to support various carrying options. A “designed in” U slot for belt clips, which come in three sizes, (the longest supplied with the radio). As well as the option for fitting a Klick Fast attachment or wrist strap

Frequency Range



RF Power Output1.8W
Battery3800mAh Li-Polymer battery

Battery Life  

(TMO 5/5/90 

duty cycle)


Dustproof & 


IP65/IP66/IP67/IP68 Per IEC60529



123.5 × 55.5 × 32.5mm
Weight265g (with standard battery and 6.5cm antenna) 

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