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Hytera Exhibited at Interpolitex 2019


(Moscow, Russia) Hytera, a leading global provider of professional and private communication network, presented a series of latest and advanced products and solutions for public safety at the 23rd international exhibition —— Interpolitex, which is the largest Russian homeland security exhibition held from Oct 22 to 25 in Moscow, Russia. More than 350 companies presented modern security systems and solutions at the exhibition.

Hytera showcased its Integrated Command and Control Solution tailored for meeting the needs of customers from public safety sector. Hytera provides various command and control applications including call taking and handling system, visual command and dispatch system (VCS), major event security system (MESS), major security command system, all of which can easily integrate with 3rd party platform and applications to provide a seamless and complete solution. 

Hytera also exhibited broadband products and solutions. With the development of technologies, the broadband becomes the overall trend of wireless communication system, which meets the needs of customers for image, video and high speed data transmission. As the highlights of the exhibition, Hytera PoC radios PNC370 and PNC550 can also enable users to interconnect DMR and cellular networks or deploy a cellular solution with many of the advantages of two-way radio. With full HD video quality, infrared and night vision, Hytera body worn cameras can integrate with wearable equipment and even the have the ability to stream live footage to other devices. 

Hytera cutting-edge PMR radios attracted continuous stream of visitors from different sectors during the event. The private network was the original focal point for Hytera and is something that Hytera has a deep understanding of. Nowadays Hytera has full series of terminals including vehicle-mounted terminals, handheld terminals, and anti-explosive terminals, enabling customers to enhance connectivity and data analytics in the complex environments they work in. 

"The public safety sector is currently undergoing substantial change around the world. Over the past few years, the industry has begun to understand the great benefit of LTE’s influence on operations whereas narrowband technology was the choice. As the leading global provider, Hytera is committed to bringing new business models and experiences to users with full-time global coverage, deep business applications, and continuous intelligent evolution of communication solutions, to empower them to achieve a safer, faster, and richer communication network," concluded Dennis Wang, Sales Director of Hytera in Russia.

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