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Hytera Showcased at Milipol Paris 2019


As the leading event for homeland security and safety, Milipol Paris came to its 21st edition, which was held on 19-22 November 2019 at Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, France, and attracted 170 official delegations and over 30,000 visitors from 150+ countries. Hytera, a leading global provider of professional and private wireless communication network, took part in the exhibition and showcased its on-site communication, trunked communication, and command & control solution.

Having access to a reliable and robust mesh communication solution can be vital for front-line staff which provides the ability to respond efficiently for security supervision, emergency office, as well as sudden-onset natural disasters, accidents, social security, etc. The exhibited iMesh and E-center can be easily set up, and widely used with versatile services including voice, video and data for emergency and tactical communication. 

Hytera exhibited the up to date infrastructures and systems for trunked communication solution, including Hytera TETRA outdoor Base Station, DMR Trunking Cube outdoor Base Station and LTE outdoor integrated Base Station. The narrowband-broadband network convergence and various LTE applications can meet various demands for communication. 

Hytera also provides sets of command and dispatch solutions for global public security agencies such as police, fire, emergency rescue, and urban management, to build a comprehensive security system with efficient and professional incident taking, handling and management, for the purpose of rapid response, smart dispatch and disciplined disposal. 

Hytera cutting-edge radios were also the highlights during the event. Hytera showcased its latest Broadband terminal PNC 550 and full series of multi-mode terminal (DMR/TETRA+LTE) PTC680, PTC780 and PDC760.

“ The PMR industry is currently undergoing substantial change around the world. Whereas in the past narrowband technologies, both analogue and digital, have been the communications technologies of choice, a desire for the capacity to accommodate high bandwidth data is pushing a transition to broadband communications. Fully understanding new requirements, Hytera provides end to end PMR+LTE convergent ecosystem to deliver anywhere, anytime access to communication and information with the urgency, resiliency, and security customers expect.” said Jayden Chen, Sales Director of Hytera in Frencophone Africa Region I.

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