Dispatching System

Dispatching System

Dispatching System

The dispatching system is composed of modules such as dispatch server, dispatch clients...


 Voice call

-Support versatile voice calls, including individule call, group call, broadcast call, PSTN call, PABX call and all call.
-Support group call late-entry and emergency call.
-Detailed call history to record call parties.
-Various indicating sound & light.
Text message
Support predefined text message, status message, text messaging group sending; message template and emergency messaging.
External call
Support calls between dispatchers.
Advanced function
Support DGNA, automatic voice recording, monitor, AVL, etc.
The system supports external tools like multi-touch touch screen, foot-tap PTT, and microphone with PTT.
Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
-GIS map load & display.
-Terminal location tracking & display.
-Track playback.
Supports  end-to-end encryption.

 It can be customized according to the different hardware configurations.

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