WAYFARER™ Commercial Fixed

The WAYFARER™ Commercial fixed satellite terminal is a convenient and flexible solution for 2-way satellite communications in remote areas. The commercial fixed terminal delivers Norsat quality and reliability in one single, easy to install package. Its weather-proof durability makes it an ideal solution for data connectivity for a broad range of industry segments, from oil & gas to financial services.



The WAYFARER Commercial fixed satellite terminal includes everything an installer will require to assemble a Ku terminal.  A single kit contains a 1.2m Tx/Rx dish & feed assembly, block upconverter (BUC), low noise block downconverter (LNB), and 2 jumper cables to connect to a satellite modem.  The only additional requirements in the field are for a power supply and satellite modem.

Flexibility is what makes the Norsat WAYFARER Commercial fixed satellite terminal unique.  Systems can be ordered with a choice of BUC and LNB that best suits the needs of the application.  LNB options range from low cost DRO to high stability PLL.  BUC options range from 2W to 6W in both standard and extended Ku band frequencies.


The VSAT Bundle includes:

  • 1.2m or 1.8m composite reflectors

  • Ku-band Tx/Rx feed

  • Fast, simple installation

  • Choice of Block upconverters (BUC) ranging from 2W to 4W

  • Choice of low noise Block downconverter (LNB) with stability options from +/- 25 kHz to +/-250kHz

  • Optional universal roof/wall mount or non-penetrating mount

The VSAT Bundle is ideal for:

  • Remote monitoring & control (M2M)

  • Rural & remote internet

  • Transportation monitoring & control (PTC)

  • Enterprise connectivity


Reflector Aperture1.2m
Transmit Frequency14.00 - 14.50 GHz
Receive Frequency10.95 - 12.75 GHz
Transmit Gain43.5 dBi, ± 0.2 dB
Receive Gain41.5 dBi, ± 0.2 dB
Cross Polarization (Any angle,Off Axis)-25 dB max.


1.3:1 Max. Tx

1.3:1 Max. RxA


Reflector Material 

Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester SMC

Antenna Optics

Prime Focus, One-Piece Offset Feed

Mount TypeElevation Over Azimuth
Mast Pipe Size2.5” SCH 40 Pipe (2.88” OD) 73.2 mm  
Elevation Adjustment Range5° to 90° , Continuous Fine Adjustment
Azimuth Adjustment Range360° Continuous
Shipping Specifications (Approx. Net Weight)90 lbs (41 kg)

 Environmental Performance

Wind Loading Operational Survival

80 km/h

201 km/h

Temperature Operational

-40° to 140° F (-40° to 60° C)

Rain Operational13 mm/h
Atmospheric ConditionsSalt, Pollutants and Contaminants as Encountered in Coastal and Industrial Areas 
Relative Humidity0 to 100% with Condensation 
Solar Radiation360 BTU/h/ft2


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Optional Accessories

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