iMesh-3800P Backpacked

iMesh-3800P is the "Pico-Node" of 3800 series, and can be deployed in portable or backpacked way, widely used for single-soldier emergency and tactical communication. Features: Small form factor (SFF) & portable Power saving (>8 hours / Battery) High capacity with MIMO (60Mbps @ 10MHz) Weather-proof: IP67

Flexible and Scalable Network

SON: Self-configuration, self-optimization & self-healing

Variant Topologies: Chain, Star & Random

Inter-networking: IP connection across multiple subnetworks

Security Network

Air-Interface Encryption: Snow3G, AES etc

Authentication: USIM, AKA

WiFi Authentication: EAP-SIM EAP-Radius IKEv1/2

High Network Capacity

High Spectrum Efficiency: 6bps/Hz (MIMO)

High Spectrum Efficiency: 6bps/Hz (MIMO)

Reliable Radio Link

FEC: Turbo Code

Adaptive modulation and coding

Hybrid ARQ

Open/Close-loop power control

QoS Guaranteed Network

End-to-End QoS mechanism for multi-hop network

Dedicated Radio Bearer for each service flow with specific QCI

QoS-based radio resource scheduling algorithm

Frequency Band320-340 MHz, others customizable
Antenna Configuration1T2R, 2T2R
Transmission Power1*5W, 2*2W
Working Bandwidth≤ 10M, others customizable
WLAN802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz
Number of Nodes16

Number of Hops




LOS10KM (4Mbps edge rate)
Encryption AlgorithmAES, Snow 3G
Weight< 5Kg
VoltageDC +12V
Power Consumption30W(Typ.), 50W (Max.)
Operating Temperature-40℃ ~ +55℃
Operating Humidity5%RH~100%RH
Protection LevelIP67

Standard Accessories

Optional Accessories

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