Factors That Affect the Communication Distance and Effectiveness of Two Way Radios


Professional wireless communication equipment such as two way radios (also known as professional walkie-talkies) play an important role in forest search and rescue, according to the stable and effective communication for command and dispatch. Here are factors that affect the communication distance and effectiveness of two way radios.

1. The specifications of the two way radio

(1) A higher transmission power of the two way radio could achieve a better coverage of the transmitted signal and a longer communication distance. However, the transmission power should not be too high since higher transmission power consumes high battery power and shorten the lifespan of the power amplifier components, also creates strong interference that might affect the communication of other users.

(2) The higher the receiving sensitivity of the two way radio, the longer communication distance.

(3) The transmission gaining of antenna. In general, as the height of the antenna increases, the receiving or transmitting ability also increases. Antennas used in handheld two way radios are generally helical antennas, whose bandwidth and transmission gain are smaller than other antennas, and are more susceptible to human body.

2. Environmental factors that may affect the signals of two way radios.

Environmental factors mainly include tall buildings and trees, environmental electromagnetic interference, weather conditions and terrain differences, etc.

3. Other factors that also affect the communication distance and effectiveness of the two way radios are:

(1) The communication quality will be greatly impacted by the quality of battery.

(2) The matching between antenna and the two way radio. The frequency band between the antenna and the device need to be matched, otherwise the communication distance will be affected.

(3) The sound quality mainly depends on the pre-emphasis and de-emphasis circuits design of the two way radio. Hytera adopts advanced speech processing circuits, "speech compandor circuit and low-level expansion circuit", which is good for the fidelity of speech.


As a global professional mobile radio communication (PMR) solution provider, Hytera has been committed to solving key problems in forest rescue and fire prevention. Hytera's two way radios have been widely used in Zimbabwe Parks, Australia Zoo, Kruger National Park and many other parks in the world. Hytera and the front-line staff of the national parks continuously to work together to protect the ecological environment and safeguard the earth's ecological diversity.

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