A Before-After Study on How A Company Keep Safe During COVID-19


The availability of reliable communication services means professionals can better safeguard citizens, both in times of crisis and in normal day-to-day operations. As the lockdown rules are gradually being lifted, Hytera's solutions are helping the global community to continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Here is a story about a company who has deployed Hytera's body temperature measurement solution to reduce the spread of Coronavirus. 

Episode 1

As the lockdown rules are gradually being lifted, many companies started to reopen their offices. It is important to detect whether any employee or visitor has an abnormal temperature when they go back to work. And at such times, how to help those enterprises quickly process people as they enter a building effectively and efficiently is now critical. Employees overseeing the temperature measurements must also be protected.

Episode 2

It is indeed a risky situation if the guards or security staff had missed any abnormal cases.

Hytera's solution involves setting up a temperature measuring device equipped with accurate facial recognition and remote temperature measurement technology at gates, reception areas, offices or anywhere that is suitable. Once again, if someone is detected with an abnormal temperature reading, then an alert is sent via the backend system to Hytera PoC devices, like PNC550 and PDC550

Episode 3

Are you still manually recording data and collecting personnel information ? 

Hytera's body temperature measurement solution allows the security department or administration to record the face, temperature, entry time, and collect abnormal personnel portrait with the backend management software, which means the operation can be run more effectively, ensuring accuracy and removing the possibility of human errors.

Episode 4

To help manage visitors and prevent the spread of COVID-19, small organisations who are hoping to soon re-open their services to the public, can deploy Hytera's temperature detection solution. The visitors' face and temperature will be recorded on the backend management software of the solution, allowing you to detect those who may be symptomatic and take further action.  

Whether you need accurate, fast and multi-person temperature detection or simply just need immediate, reliable communications, Hytera will help you return to work safely.

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