How Can Bodycam Capture Sharper and Clearer Images and Videos Even in Low Light?


The Crimes at Night: Analysis of Police Incident Reports in Major Cities reveals that violent crimes occur most often at night.
Therefore, it is essential for policemen to have a bodycam to capture on-site images and videos under low-light and poor visibility conditions to record the truth and collect evidence. Starlight night vision bodycams easily outperform their comparable predecessors and finally achieve clear and crisp color night vision images. Both Starlight Night Vision and Infrared Night Vision technology can capture images at night. What is the difference between the Starlight Night Vision and the Infrared Night Vision? And which kind of bodycam can better capture sharper and clearer images and videos even in low light?
What’s the Difference Between Infrared Night Vision and Starlight Night Vision?

Starlight has the upper hand when compared to cameras with simple infrared. Starlight night vision offers superior night vision than typical infrared night cameras. The image clarity and quality of starlight cameras offer color at night even in low lighting conditions.

Why Choose Starlight Night Vision Bodycam?

Starlight Night Vision Bodycams Have Better Clarity

Starlight cameras are security cameras with special starlight sensors to provide improved night vision in low light conditions. With exceptional starlight sensitivity, the starlight cameras could give you sharper and clearer images than your eyes could see even in darkness.

Starlight Night Vision Bodycams Can See Further

Starlight Night Vision Bodycam possesses a super-sensitive sensor and specialized lens to ensure the most exceptional night vision. This means you’ll never have to worry about the possible IR reflection of a license plate. Infrared night vision cameras rely on infrared light reflection to produce images. But starlight cameras collect natural lights that come from other objects. This means that the starlight cameras “see” much further than the standard IR night vision cameras. The IR cameras see just the areas illuminated with IR or the place the security light shines on, starlight cameras, on the other hand, can see further, like the signboard across the street, people in faraway buildings, etc. As shown in the picture, we can clearly distinguish the number of the license plate, retain more picture details, and get full-color imaging.

 (Infrared Night Vision VS Starlight Night Vision)

Starlight Night Vision is the latest sensor technology of starlight and sophisticated noise reduction, which provides exceptional sensitivity and clearer night vision. With emerging starlight night vision technology, Hytera's latest bodycam VM690 Pro has a much more robust recording function and can honestly record low-light scenes—using Sony IMX335 full HD image sensor. Restore more on-site details, and display full-color clear images at night to assist law enforcement work.

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