Take two into one: Accelerate your efficiency with integration


In today's era, industries are being continually challenged to do more with less, more quickly, efficiently, and high quality. To achieve higher efficiency, smart applications come into view and play the role of enablers in people's work, streamlining the workflow with standardized and systematic operations. At the same time, managers need to give instructions and task assignments more quickly to achieve higher efficiency, and front-line staff also need to communicate faster. For this reason, people often need to carry multiple communication terminals to meet their work needs, but there is no doubt that carrying so many terminals such as portable radios, cell phones, and other work terminals will increase the burden on staff. Can we combine them into one and achieve the effect of 1+1>2? PNC560 gives the answer.

MC terminal: Born for critical moments

As Hytera’s first 5G MCX Device, the PNC560 has a dedicated Push-To-Talk button to offer instant PTT communications, and an alarm button to realize emergency alerts. Latency-free communication with a single touch makes it always reliable and sometimes life-saving when it matters most. It supports dedicated 3GPP MCX service QCIs and short MSP for eMBMS service of 40ms. The smaller the MSP, the shorter delay it would take to establish a call, or to hand it over. In addition, PNC560 helps the user hear every word clearly and effortlessly. Why? Featuring dual 3W ultra liner high-quality speakers to ensure loud audio and soft technologies, like AI-based noise-cancellation and feedback howling reduction engaged on this device, PNC560can provide loud and clear audio.

5G smartphone: Open APP ecosystem

As the way people work changes, industry users need more intelligent applications to assist them in their work. The PNC560 is compatible with a wide range of third-party applications, such as Police Mobile App, Airport Management Systems, etc. To ensure smooth application operation, the PNC560 is equipped with Android 12 and Qualcomm 8-core platform, which allows multi-task operations to run more smoothly and responsively. Through the fast-running APP, PNC560 can realize the fast flow of data and help managers to command and make decisions.

Scanning terminal: Fast and easy

In addition, fitted with the Zebra scanner head, the PNC560 Scanning can capture QR codes or bar codes in milliseconds from near contact to as far as 24 in./ 60 cm away. For users in industries such as logistics, medical, and airports, there is no need to carry both a scanning terminal and a cell phone: Only a PNC560 Scanning is needed to complete both scanning and data upload.

PNC560 is a dedicated industry terminal that integrates mission-critical voice and various business applications. It can combine features of professional radios and rugged 5G smartphones, say goodbye to the burden of carrying multiple devices and enjoy a multi-purpose experience. Click here to learn more about Hytera PNC560.

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