Assessment Reports of Hytera PoC Radios


Hytera, a leader in the private network industry, has launched a series of PoC radios which are highly reliable as other Hytera products. They have enriched communication features together with powerful control and dispatch platforms, to meet requirements of users from different industries. Recently, the PttCn Radio Assessment Lab has output a series of assessment reports of Hytera PoC radios. Let's check the reports together. 


Hytera PDC550 is designed for high-end industry users. It enables comprehensive functions of Push-to-Talk Over Cellular and contains main professional features with broadband network. PDC550 provides digital and analog Direct Mode Operation(DMO) and Repeater Mode Operation(RMO) functions. It supports 136-174MHz, 350-400MHz and 400-470MHz frequency. 
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Hytera PNC550 is a smart PoC radio with 5 inches HD touchscreen equipped with a resolution of 1280*720, which is basically the same as that of an iPhone 6 or iPhone 7. The 156.5*76*14mm PNC550 weighs less than 250 g. It has a smaller size than an iPhone 8 Plus (158.4*78.1*7.5mm), but only 6.5 mm thicker. 
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Hytera PNC380 is a high-quality PoC radio with full keypad. It features abundant and powerful functions such as quick and convenient operations, loud and clear audio, stable communication, excellent dustproof and waterproof performance, and accurate positioning. PNC380 PoC Radio supports 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, and WLAN networks. 
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Hytera PNC370 is a basic PoC radio with simple keypad. It's suitable for some industries which require basic PoC communication. PNC370 inherits Hytera's military-grade quality, that is, exquisite, compact, solid, durable, and good texture. And, together with Hytera's powerful dispatch platform, it allows users to implement refined command and dispatch. In general, PNC370 is attractive in price and quality, and it is a highly recommended PoC radio. 
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