Hytera PoC Radios for Major Events


An event running smoothly require the joint efforts of many people. Hytera PoC radios can ensure the event staff a reliable communication and efficient collaboration tool. 

Hytera POC radios with a national coverage over a 2G/3G/4G network enable the company to stay connected with event staff members no matter where they are.

·  Hytera PoC radios provide wide coverage with a 2G/3G/4G or Wi-fi network. It can save time and financial resources from building and running a private network.

·  Hytera PoC radios help to maintain instant communication with individual and groups

·  Hytera PoC radios take a real-time HD video of an event location in an emergency and stream it to the command center, helping the commander to make fast and correct decisions. 

·  IP68 rugged design helps to guarantee reliable communication even on rainy days.

·  Event locations are always noisy. With its dual mic noise suppression technology and powerful voice recognition function, Hytera PoC radios provide a clear loud crystal sound. 

·  Impressive battery capacity guarantees long uninterrupted communications.

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