The Maintenance of Walkie Talkie is Important


Batteries are an essential power source for walkie talkies, which are also called two way radios in some countries. If used properly, the battery life can be as long as 18 months or more than 24 months. the original battery has passed various rigorous tests and has a longer service life. So how to extend the battery life of walkie talkies?

1. The battery Storage of the walkie talkie 

A proper battery storage environment of the walkie talkie is crucial. It's better to store lithium batteries in a clean, dry, and ventilated room with a temperature of -5-30°C and no more than 75% relative humidity. At the same time, lithium batteries should avoid contact with acid and corrosive substances, keep away from fire and heat sources, and avoid direct sunlight.

Do not store the battery for too long. Because of the characteristics of the lithium battery, it will continue to discharge slowly. If the storage time is too long (more than half a year), the battery may discharge deeply, causing irreversible damage to the internal chemical substances of the battery. And it will eventually lead to the battery's capacity being reduced or even scrapped. If it is necessary to store the battery for a longer period, please maintain its power at 40% to 60% of nominal capacity. And the battery should be checked and maintained 

It is better to recharge the walkie-talkie’s battery every three months and maintain the battery every six months to prevent it from being over-discharged and damaged. Replenishment method: After the battery whose inventory reaches a certain period is discharged every three months, please charge for 1 hour.

2. Charging the battery of the walkie talkie

The charging temperature of the lithium battery is 0-45℃, so do not charge the lithium battery below 0℃ or above 45℃. Do not use a third-party or unauthorized charger but the original one. Please remove the battery in time after charging to avoid overcharging and shortening the battery life. When charging, please turn off the walkie talkie or charge the battery separately.

3. Daily use of the battery of walkie talkie

The operating temperature of the lithium battery is -20-60℃, please use the battery within the normal operating temperature range. If the battery is applied in a high-temperature environment, safety risks such as swelling may occur. The walkie talkie battery usually has very low power when it leaves the factory. Please charge and use the battery as soon as possible after purchase to avoid excessive battery discharge. Do not use metal objects such as thin iron wires to directly touch the positive and negative poles of the battery at the charging end to prevent the battery from short-circuiting. Do not squeeze, puncture the battery or disassemble the battery shell.

The battery should be used carefully to avoid damage or get wet. Please do not throw the battery into a fire or use it in dangerous areas such as gas stations since it is flammable and explosive. If the battery is swollen or cracked, please stop using, and replace it with a new one.

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