Two-Way Radios for Property Management Industries


The two-way radio is an essential communication equipment for property management. A suitable wireless communication system complemented with appropriate two-way radios is a must for an qualified property management company. The choice of the two-way radio should be based on the daily operation needs of property management in consultation with professionals. So how to choose a two-way radio?

Target groups: security officers, receptions, constructions, engineering etc.The security guards need the two way radios with good call quality that cover long distance, while the building engineering personnel needs those lightweight radios with durable battery since they move frequently in the building.

The places managed by property management companies are mainly commercial and residential.  two way radios between 4W and 5W power is sufficient to guarantee the call distance required. But high-rise buildings or basements can interfere with the wireless signals of the two-way radios and affect the calls. Therefore, a mount repeaters is required to strengthen the signal coverage for staff in special areas (such as basements).

In summary, the two way radios for property management should have strong communication signal, durable battery, lightweight features. The wireless communication systems for property management requires systematic design & planning, better ask a professional specialist for a proposal.

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