Why Two Way Radio is a Necessity During Travel?


Two way radio is a radio device that allows for communication in both directions, sending and receiving signals in a half-duplex mode. Two way radios are available in base station, mobile (installed in vehicles), and hand held portable models. Hand held two way radios are often called walkie talkies, handie talkies or hand helds.

Two way radios are popular with travelers. It is great to stay in communication when travel on the road (for trucks, vans, and cars, etc.). Two way radios are ideal for taking hiking, camping, especially when you may need to send out an SOS in some urgent situations. Some two way radios offer tracking features, which means rescue is always a click away if you encounter dangers. Many people travel to remote and rough terrain. There are high risks of getting lost, stranded on roads, or get into a destitute situation. When these occur, there’s nothing more reliable than having a walkie talkie.

There are many uncertainties hidden in nature. For instance, when we go out for hunting, camping, or on a road trip through a wooded or deserted area. we’re likely to go into somewhere with poor unstable public telecom signals. And this is where the two way radio plays such a critical role.

Two way radios are super convenient and support real-time communication for two or more people at the same time. This enables multiple people to be available to you in a time of need, with just the press of the Push To Talk button. In addition, two way radios are equipped with GPS positioning and location tracking. These locator tools make it easy to find anyone that needs to be found, including teammates, family, friends, or even coworkers. It can also effectively filter interference signals and noises to achieve higher quality communication.

The two way radio has the capability to reliably cover an extremely wide range of areas in group communications. This kind of wide range reliability ensures that the traveling team members are in safe situation. We invite you to enjoy a safer way to travel with a trusty two way radio by your side!

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