EPC3930 Carrier EPC


5G-LTE | Core Network

Carrier level EPC3930 includes MME, HSS, SGW, PGW & PCRF, following 3GPP protocol requirements. The solution supports flexible deploying mode, such as the single server deployment, multiple servers deployment and cloud deployment.

Highlights of EPC3930

High reliability

Support end-to-end QOS guarantee.

High security

Two-way AKA authentication, signaling encryption and integrity protection mechanism to ensure more security of user data.

High efficient transmition

Support eMBMS and efficiently transmit broadcast services in a point-to-multipoint manner by sharing wireless and transmission resources.

Flexible deployment

All network functions support virtualization, can be deployed on a cloud-based general server, and configure resources on demand.

Specifications of EPC3930

Max. number of BBU 500
Max. Throughput 8Gps
Max. number of Subscribers 100,000
Max. number of Online Users 30,000
Max. number of Bearers 60,000
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