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    For this industry, safety is the top priority. How to fast react to threats, perform flawlessly without compromising the safety of property or personnel is a big challenge for private security companies. It is critical that the security team communicates instantly and efficiently.

    Hytera provides reliable, efficient and timely communication and surveillance solutions to security professionals:

    • Armored Escort
    • Personal Security
    • School Campus Security
    • Residential Security
    • Mall Security

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    Communication System Built for Security

    To be successful, instant, secure, reliable, and nationwide or even global communication experience of your team at normal time and in emergencies is essential. Hytera offers robust communication system built for security:

    • Utilizing existing 3G and 4G network to enjoy worldwide seamless communication
    • AES256 software and hardware end-to-end encryption for secure communication
    • Rugged MIL-STD and IP67/68 radios, withstanding drop, dust, and rain, suitable to use in harsh environments
    • One-button push to talk, and one-button emergency call
    • HD Camera for real-time video monitoring
    • Large capacity Li-ion batteries for all day long work on a single charge

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    Dispatch Designed for Safety

    Professional dispatching platform can not only make it easier to carry out daily administrative tasks, but also help the dispatcher to coordinate operations more effectively in emergencies and enhance safety of people and property. Hytera provides professional dispatching system especially designed for safety to effectively manage all situations and minimize escalation:

    • Monitor and track security guards on the map
    • Geo-fencing to protect security guards in specific zones and districts
    • Patrol route management to oversee the guards
    • Voice and video recording for later query

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    Bodycams for Mobile Surveillance

    Body worn cameras, or bodycams, play an important part in security industry. Bodycams are effective to reduce conflicts as people tend to calm down if they know they are being filmed. The captured footage can be used as evidence in court later to let the public and judge know how the incident unfolded. Hytera provides bodycam solution to secure the guards and innocent citizens:

    • Live full HD video streaming through cellular/WLAN to let the dispatcher get a clear picture of the field situation
    • One-button video and voice recording in emergencies
    • Dedicated PTT button for instant voice communication with your team and dispatcher


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