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Belgium GRIMP Fire Service

Hytera Assists Belgium GRIMP

Successful in Exercise with Hytera Portable Radio


The fire-department of Halle, a city in Belgium, is supported by a specialised GRIMP team. GRIMP stands for Group de Reconnaissance et Interventions au Milieu Perieux . This means that this team can be used when normal means and techniques of the fire-department have become insufficient when working on extreme heights or in serious depths or other unreachable spots. This specialization demands highly professional equipments.


Voice from Customer

The fact that they are license-free is an extra advantage during international competitions. We have specifically chosen to communicate with HYT TC-446S during our intervention trainings and while participating in international competitions. Because the HYT TC-446S communication sets proved to be compact, robust and light as well as very handy, they’re exactly what our team needs. Communication is of major importance to us. We can fully recommend the use of HYT TC- 446S to everyone who is professionally occupied with rescue operations.


                                                                            --Jeroen Tielemans, IMP3 GRIMP Fire Hall


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