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Public Security Department of Fujian Province, China

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Hytera Enhances Emergency Communications for Fujian Province



Nowadays, the increasing frequency of public accidents, natural disasters and social unrest presents a great challenge to public security departments. To Public Security Department, guard for public safety and social stability, a thorough combination of the advanced communication technology with the emergency handling and dispatching systems to response quickly and effectively when emergency strikes is in urgent demands.

Fujian Public Security Department has always placed great emphasis on the rendering of informatization of emergency handling and dispatching systems, and the construction of emergency communications systems for the city and county public security bureaus throughout the province has become the key project in Informatization 2011.



Customer Demands

Hytera designed an emergency handling and dispatching system of communications vehicles for Fujian Public Security Department. The system is the largest emergency communications project in China with improved wireless image transmission network and unified emergency vehicles.


Hytera Solution

The emergency handling and dispatching system includes 3 major parts:

1. Vehicle System of Emergency Communication Vehicles

The vehicle system contains 2 subsystems of wireless voice communication and video/audio communication. 76 emergency vehicles in total are deployed throughout the province.

2. 340M Wireless Image Transmission System Covering the Whole Province

The major villages and towns in the province will be covered by wireless image transmission signals. 76 wireless image transmission networks will be constructed.

3. Three-level (provincial, municipal and county) Remote Management Platform

The coordination of emergency vehicles in the three levels could be achieved by this platform.



1. Complete Function and High Integration

This consists of video receiving from private network; 350M vehicle radio, conventional repeater, conventional interphone; GSM mobile phone and PSTN public network module that could be interconnected; 4-way DVR (digital video recorder); integrated voice exchanger and integrated audio/video control platform, etc.

2. Appropriate Interconnection and High Mobility

The emergency communication box accompanied with the vehicle may be moved outside of the vehicle for up to 6 hours of emergency command in public vehicle, room or other emergency location, in accordance with the requirement of rapid response and establishment of temporary headquarters for public security unit.

3. Flexible Deployment and Remote Control

In unexpected event, the mobile phone of director can be directly connected to the scene of unexpected event for command and deployment of on-site policeman and on-site dispatcher, and can also be used to monitor all on-site voice communications. In addition, the director could view the on-site video information on his own mobile phone and perform remote command and decision-making if the phone is attached with external 3G image transmission module.

4. Reliable System and Simple Maintenance

Based on the excellent system integration capacity and project management ability of Hytera, the product quality can be guaranteed with good heat dispersion, high/low temperature working environment, vibration and drop proof capability. The spare unit can be used directly for after sales maintenance without the necessity to contact the individual manufacturers of the devices in the system, thus the system is very suitable to be used in basic units.


Voice from Customer

"The construction project of emergency communications vehicle (system) for public security bureaus throughout the province (city and county) is the key construction project determined by the government in 2010, and it’s the largest emergency communications project in China with improved wireless image transmission network and unified emergency vehicles.. After it is put into service, the accomplished three-level (provincial-municipal-county) mobile emergency handling and dispatching communications system with satellite communication vehicles for provincial department and emergency communication vehicles for municipal and county bureaus will significantly improve the emergency handling and dispatching of public security departments in our province."

                                                                                     ——Li Qing, Deputy Director General, Public Security Department of Fujian Province


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