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Municipality of Maipú, Chil

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Hytera DMR Solution Helps Maipú Build a Safer Community


The municipality of Maipú, one of the largest communities in Santiago de Chile with a population of 525,229 inhabitants according to Census 2012, is located south west of Santiago and administratively belongs to the province of Santiago in the Metropolitan region. Unlike other municipalities, Maipú

has its own service of water supply and sewerage known as SMAPA and it serves Maipú, Cerrillos and part of Central Station.

Due to the large population of Maipú and existing crime, Maipú has the Citizen Security Service reinforcing the monitoring work of the police. This security service should have an efficient communication system in order to deliver good service to the community.


Customer Demands

The radio communication system of Maipú was rented before and it was not efficient and constantly broken, but Maipú could do nothing because the system was not owned by them. So the city wanted to acquire their own communication system that would provide them advanced features that digital

equipments have and allow them to have a clear, safe, fast and efficient communication throughout the area with portable equipments.


Hytera Solution

The solution is based on a repeater station RD98X for expanding the coverage of communicate. Using the DMR technology, two time slots communication is obtained for the two departments: Public Safety and Homeland Security. Each department has one separate voice channel and GPS, along with a base station and a dispatch console Hytracks, allowing monitoring and tracking units. The implemented Hytera digital solutions help Maipú free from lease of the radio system, and build their own communication system, which is cost-saving and requires minimal maintenance. RD98X repeater ensures that all terminal users with PD78X or MD78X who patrol in the community can keep in touch and properly communicate. The communications center with Hytracks console can access the GPS information of terminals holders through the IP network and so deliver an efficient and good service to the community.



The Hytera digital Systema brings to the illustious Municipality of Maipú the following benefits:

• Secure communication under the DMR protocol and the use of digital encryption 128bit on terminals.

• Superior audio quality throughout the system coverage.

• Improved efficiency of radio spectrum spectrum using one repeater, because the public safety and homeland security can communicate simultaneously and independently.

• Coordination and visibility of resources by using GPS.

• IM 256 characters.

• Voice and data for later review.


Voice from Customer

"The department of public safety and homeland security now has an efficient communication and has improved the service delivered to the community. So the solution is satisfying and Emergency departments, after SMAPA, are on the stage of purchasing Hytera Digital Radio System.”


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