Intervention d'Urgence

Sergipe Emergency Medical Service 192, Brazil

First Health Care Complex Opened in Brazil

Hytera Supports Brazilian Emergency Medical Service in Sergipe
Brazilian emergency medical service is locally called SAMU ("Serviço de Atendimento Móvel de Urgência (Mobile Emergency Attendance Service)"). Pre-hospital emergency medical services uses a combination of basic ambulances staffed by technicians and advanced units with physicians on board. No universal phone number existes for emergency calls and the dispatch center physician determined whether the call merits an emergency transport or not. Still, significant delays in care can occur when patients are inappropriately triaged or when communication between the areas is inadequate.
To improve the emergency mobile service, SAMU and the distribution of the 1,200 beds in emergency sector of public hospitals, a new Health Care Complex was put on the agenda in the Sergipe State Capital in 2014.
Customer Demands
The State of Sergipe is the smallest state of the Brazilian Federation, located on the northeastern Atlantic coast of the country. 192 in Sergipe is the Emergency Phone Number for Medical Rescue, and it files to Government - Emergency Rescue - Medical services sector. The state's existing analog communication radio system lacks statewide coverage, and end users suffered a lot from its inconsistent service and the poor voice quality. New and better services, and also the needs to comply with new regulatory demands of ANATEL (Brazilian Telecommunications Agency) are of top priority to SAMU 192 Sergipe.
Hytera Solutions
In April 2014, Hytera implemented the new Health Care Complex of SAMU-SE a total solution consisting of Hytera DMR Portfolio in VHF (134MHz – 170MHz), including:
·12 RD98X Repeaters
·70 MD78XG Mobile radios (Ambulances)
·80 PD78XG Portable radios
·Hytera dispatch application software Hytera dispatch system
The 4 independent voice channels not only enhance radio communication capacity (2 slots per channel), but also provided SAMU with statewide coverage, voice recording, automatic terminal (portable and mobile) location with data history, terminals on/off logging, short messages, digital modulation, over-the-air reprogramming, radio monitoring, possibility of developing application to use inside ambulances during rescue procedure (which includes medical equipment remote monitoring, vital signs, blood pressure, etc), and voice quality is enhanced to a large scale. All these new and enhanced features solved not only existing problem but also catered to SAMU 192 Sergipe's dispatching requirement to improve communication efficiency.
Public Recognition
As the first deployment in Brazil Emergency Medical segment, SAMU 192 Sergipe proposed a tentative radio communication and software dispatching solution to improve the emergency mobile service and served as an example of more successful stories to come. As officially reported on local media on March 20th, 2015, “The emergency mobile service (ambulances) called SAMU and the control of beds in state hospitals of Sergipe are now made in the new State Health Care Complex, with modern structure. During the inauguration, Governor Mr. Jackson Barreto, the health secretary Mr. Jose Macedo Sobral and a team visited the facilities in the city center. The expectation is that the
emergency department gets faster. ”
Voice from Customer
"We have 06 doctors here in this cabin and other attendants in later booths. On an entrance call, they make the analysis of the procedure, to whom he shall direct, which the nearest ambulance, if you look on the screen behind us, you already have the map of the state of Sergipe with geo referencing each SAMU ambulance. What is the purpose? Reduce response time and increase the effectiveness routing correctly all calls. "
                                                                             —— Mr. José Macedo Sobral, Health Secretary of Sergipe State

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