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The IAAF World Championships in Athletics & the Rugby World Cup Sevens 2013, Russia

Winners in the Stadium

Hytera DMR Trunking Pro Serves International Sporting Events
Centr-Telco is a system integrator and network operator providing professional communications in Moscow and the region. In 2013, it has successfully provided Hytera DMR trunking solutions to two of the biggest sporting events ever hosted in Russia: the IAAF World Championships in Athletics and the Rugby World Cup Sevens.
Both of these two international sporting events were held at the Luzhniki Stadium, the largest aren of Moscow, which hosted the 1980 Olympics and will host the final of the 2018 World Cup. The Luzhniki Stadium is the pride of the Russia and has high reputation in Russians. For the 14th World Championships in Athletics, over 2000 athletes from 206 countries participated in 47 competitions, watched by a total of some 380,000 people. At the Rugby World Cup Sevens 2013, the sixth event in this series, 40 teams from all over the world took part. How to cope with the vast crowds and complex organizational challenges of managing these two events became an important and key task for event organizers.
Hytera Solution
On-site radio has long been an essential requirement for sports venues, for the safety of staff and the public as well as for smooth operation. Centr-Telco, a Hytera’s partner in Russia, who is responsible for on-site radio communications during these two events, appointed Hytera as its technology supplier for its trustworthy communications system. Two DS-6210 DMR trunking base stations, 350
PD78X/PD70X digital portable radios and MD78X mobile radios were provided and engineers from Hytera were at the site to monitor the running of the communications system to ensure successful championships.
Values of the Solution
Hytera DMR Trunking Pro made sure that the whole stadium was covered by signal and the seamless connection between two base stations has secured the internal communication, particularly for long distance track events such as the 50 kilometer marathon and walking race during the IAAF World Championships in Athletics. Equipped with PD78X/PD70X, all the referees were able to report results
of the competitions accurately and timely, which effectively ensured all the sport events conducted orderly.
Hytera’s products achieve high appreciation from the Centr-Telco and end users for voice quality and versatile functions.
Voice from Customer
“Centr-Telco expresses sincere gratitude to Hytera for providing DMR radio systems and technical support during the preparation and conduct of the World Cup Rugby -7 Championship and World Athletics 2013 in Moscow.
Hytera showed a high level of technical training, professionalism, responsibility and discipline in carrying out these activities. We believe in the preservation of existing business and friendship, hope for further fruitful cooperation. We wish you successful development and achieve new heights in business.”
                                                                                                                      —— General Manager, Centr-Telco

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