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Corporacion Radio Electronca S.A (Crelosa), Guatemala

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A Guatemala PMR Operator Uses Hytera DMR Trunking Pro


Some of the first commercial DMR Tier III trunking radio networks in the world can be found in the Central American republic of Guatemala, where a variety of radio systems for public and private users are operated by a local company, Corporacion Radio Electronca S.A (Crelosa), the largest trunking radio network operator in Guatemala. Today Crelosa’s operations embrace 19 DMR radio sites, 6 shared subscriber networks and 14 private systems. Among their customers and users are government bodies, police, firefighters, and Transurbano, Guatemala City’s integrated metropolitan transit operator.

Customer Challenges

Currently, Crelosa ran a wide range of analog, LTR and digital mobile services for business and government. With the growing demands in communication, Crelosa gradually realized the inferiority of analog in communication and data services. End users often complained its network for unclear audio quality and existing blind area in communication. While some taxi users kept a wait-and-see attitude because it couldn’t provide large capacity of GPS service. For public safety users, they chose giving up because of the high rent brought by P25 equipments. So Crelosa decided to replace the existing network in stages with Hytera DMR Trunking Pro.

Hytera Solution
Hytera DMR Trunking Pro based on Hytera infrastructure was adopted for Crelosa in 2012. At the first stage, four DMR trunking base stations were installed to cover the centre Guatemala. Compared with analog network, newly-built DMR trunking system provides double user capacity and traffic capacity, which can stably support more than 4000 end users.

Solution Highlights
-DMR trunking terminal
Besides superior audio quality, a major feature for Hytera DMR products is the doubling of capacity, which gives customer an edge on loading capabilities. And the TDMA two time-slotstechnology, which improves battery saving, is also welcomed by the customer.
-Powerful dispatching capability
Another Hytera system feature the customer values is the ability to interconnect network using IP data links with Hytera’s DWS dispatching system, enabling versatile data services like SMS, status message, and GPS data to be provided simply.
-Remote network management
With the network management system, Crelosa is able to realize remote user management and status monitor at the control center, even through all the base stations are installed far away from the city center.
-Large network coverage
Adopting tri-diversity receiving and large coverage technologies, Hytera DMR trunking Pro perfectly meets the coverage demands of the customer.

Voice from Customer
"Remember, I’m not a factory, I’m a customer – I’m buying things and testing all the radios. We test all the radios here are really good."
"I have fallen in love with Hytera because of the way Hytera works – they bring you into a family. That’s very difficult for me to explain, but it’s a family feeling that really pushes you forward into much, much more than a business relationship. And everything that Hytera has promised to me, it has come true."
                                                      --Stuart Scott, General Manager of Corporación Radio Electrónica S.A


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