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Centr-Telco, Russia

Larger Coverage with DMR

Russian Operator Utilizes Hytera DMR Trunking Pro 

Russia is the world’s largest country with a territory crossing continents of Europe and Asia, well known for its vast territory and cold climate. However, extreme natural conditions bring great challenge to wireless communications. Founded in 1996, Telco Systems was dedicated to providing safe and reliable wireless communications services for government and business users. Through 16 years’ development, it has already established its own trunking networks in northern and western Moscow satellite cities, and provided communications services for many major public events like World Youth Games, Celebrations of Russian National Day, and World Figure Skating Championships. It also provided leasing services for Municipal Administration, Road Transport Bureau, Underwater Pipe Bureau, Subway Construction Company, Bank, Taxi, etc., with more than 3,000 terminal users.

The analog trunking system currently used by the Telco has encountered various problems in the course of operation which required network upgrade. The challenges and customer demands for the network upgrade were as follows:
Aging equipment. The operation time of the analog trunking system currently in use has already exceeded 15 years, and its performance and functions can hardly meet the growing demands;
Lack of follow-up maintenance & service. The original supplier has already terminated after-sale services for the analog trunking system;
Further upgradable. The digital migration of the analog system should be carried out in the predictable future. Products have to be compliant with ETSI open standard so as to meet the growing communications demands and multi-vendor options;
Large coverage. The vase but sparsely populated areas require large communications coverage with good signaling;
Harsh environment. Requires the products to be highly rugged and reliable.

To address the above challenges, the operator had employed several solutions for trial operation, and finally chose Hytera among many other suppliers for its excellent network performance.
Hytera designed a Hytera DMR Trunking Pro compliant to ETSI standards. The single-site network designed in the first phase was used to cover the city in central. This IP based network design connected the base station and MSO via IP, facilitating further expansion and upgrade.
Furthermore, this was the first Hytera DMR Trunking Pro network to operate in Russia.

-Compliant to open digital standard
Hytera DMR Trunking Pro is compliant to ETSI open standard and compatible with DMR Tier III equipments of other manufacturers, allowing more options in purchasing for customers.
-Large coverage
Hytera DMR Trunking Pro infrastructure and terminals are designed for large coverage with excellent performance, perfectly meeting the coverage demands of vast territory and scattered lease user in Russia while saving infrastructure cost. In the trial operation, Hytera solution has the best coverage performance among all the suppliers in the same location with the same antenna system.
-High spectrum efficiency
DMR technology adopts TDMA two time-slot technology which divides the 12.5kHz bandwidth into two 6.5 kHz time slots to support 2 simultaneous communication channels, greatly enhancing spectrum efficiency and system capacity.
-Digital voice with strong anti-interference capability and better audio quality
Hytera DMR Trunking terminals adopt advanced digital voice coding and channel coding technology, which can better suppress noise and interference, especially at the edge of coverage, achieving better audio quality compared with analog technology.
-Multi-dispatcher design
Hytera DMR Trunking Pro dispatcher adopts C/S architecture, and can support up to 32 dispatchers to meet the demands for management by different lease groups and multiple dispatchers.
-Powerful trunking functions
Support many advanced functions of Hytera DMR trunking solution like real-time recording, PSTN call, and GPS positioning to enrich selling points of the operator and fully meet various business requirements from different lease users.

Voice from Customer
"Through the trial operation, Hytera DMR terminal PD78XG can cover a communicationdistance of above 20 km in trunking mode, and still has the superb audio quality!"
                                           ---Alex an der, Director of the Trunking Communications Project of Operator


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