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Orbigo, Sweden

First National-wide Network in the Nordic

Hytera Builds Nationwide Communication Network in Sweden
Situated in Northern Europe, Sweden is the largest country in Northern Europe, with a total population of over 9.7 million. About 15% of Sweden lies north of the Arctic Circle. Temperatures vary greatly from north to south. Southern and central parts of the country have warm summers and cold winters, with average high temperatures of 20 to 25 °C (68 to 77 °F) in the summer, and average temperatures of −4 to 2 °C (25 to 36 °F) in the winter, while the northern part of the country has shorter, cooler summers and longer, colder and snowier winters, with temperatures that often drop below freezing from September to May.
Customer Challenges
OrbiGo is a professional mobile radio network operator dedicated to providing safe and reliable wireless communications services for government and business users in Sweden. He decides to set up the first digital national wide communication network in the country which has the signal coverage in the whole Sweden. The vast but sparsely populated areas require large communications coverage with good signaling, even in the Arctic Circle; and the harsh environment requires the products to be highly rugged and reliable.
Some value-added data services are warmly welcomed by his varied business users like Lone worker, GPS positioning and Man down alarm.
From terminal to system and application, from analog to DMR and Tetra, Hytera is the only manufacturer in the world that fully masters TETRA, DMR and PDT standards, and offers a full range of products and solutions respectively. Hytera provides one-stop digital solution based on DMR technology to help OrbiGo establish the first Nordic network with Hytera DMR Trunking Lite system, DS6211 trunking base stations, and PD78XG/X1p portable radios. Hytera also provides the client professional engineer training and rapid after-sale support.

Constructed with Hytera DMR Tier III base stations, OrbiGo creates the largest contiguous professional mobile radio network in the Nordic for professional users using DMR technology.
Hytera DMR Solution in brief:
Digital Network with Hytera DMR Tier III base stations
Customized features for their use, such as GPS, alarm functions, etc.
Unlimited talking groups
Encrypted voice and data traffic

Voice from Customer
“We are impressed about the flexibility and simplicity with Hytera and OrbiGo. Through OrbiGo we have got a state-of-the-art communication network that helps us being on top. Very important for us is also that the radios are small and discrete and that the talks cannot be intercepted.”
                                                                                          —— Tage Åström, Owner of Scutus Protection AB

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