LTE-Broadband Trunking System and Smart Radio

Innovative convergence to face the present and future of mission critical networks

By integrating multiple narrowband technologies such as DMR, PDT, TETRA, and MPT and broadband technologies such as 3G/LTE and WLAN, Hytera provides end to end full-service (audio, data, and video) convergence solution with the smart converged dedicated network as manifestation.


This solution enables customers to implement audio dispatch, multimedia trunking, real-time data interaction, collaborated operation, and other services under various occasions in a unified manner. Besides, Hytera tailors to customers' requirements at different stages to assist them in smooth network evolution and preserving legacies.


Customer Challenges

Existing dedicated network fails to meet demands of growing big data services.
Customers hope to both reserve existing equipment and enjoy high-speed data services brought by broadband network.
A demand in in-depth customizable ones are growing since industry-specific dedicated network solutions are increasingly complicated.
The ask for converged and unified dispatch solution becomes louder.
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Hytera Advantages


The end-to-end security solution provided by Hytera is of the highest level of assurance, thereby ensuring security during operation and of data.


On the basis of existing network of customers, Hytera provides diverse solutions for smooth upgrade to convergence network, thereby ensuring mission-critical voice services while fulfilling customer aspiration for fast and enhanced multimedia services.The gradual network upgrade based on customer requirements at different stages can fully utilize existing facilities of customers. Meanwhile, unified management of network and equipment greatly reduces costs of customers.


The transition to broadband dedicated network will not be an overnight success since narrowband still plays a key role. Hytera is mature in narrowband communication systems, thereby guaranteeing stable critical voice communications and laying a solid foundation for the converged dedicated network.


The full suite E2E solution provided by Hytera includes terminals, systems, and applications. Rich experience in the dedicated network enables Hytera to design products and in-depth solutions that are closest to customer requirements.

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